Care Label Printers

Care Label Printers VEGA Series

Product features

Print speed : up to 150 mm per second. Resolution : 300 dpi. print on roll media. Vega series have single side printers and double sided printers. Double sided printing and ribbon saving function reduce cost and release more effective printing. Vega series printer cut roll media with cold rotary cutter. Vega series have ultrasonic cutter UC-50 as an option. We recommend UC-50 to cut double sided label. Printer stacker descends 150 mm to pile up cut labels.

Example of use with Vega series printer

You can easily edit texts, pictures, lines, rectangles to design labels with original labelling software.

Combination sample : ink ribbon color and tag

Vega1000 Type F One Side 1 Color            Vega2000 Type F Simultaneous Two Color Printing