Tumble Dryers

HNS Series Machines are Totally Controlled by a PLC Controlling Unit to Command Heating, Rotating, Time & Cycle. Tilting Hydraulically Controlled, Door Opening Pneumatically Controlled. Unloading is Done by Tilting as a Standard Option. Steel Serpantiness, Stainless Steel Drum and Cooling Down Unitare Standard Features as well.

Standard Features

Drum Material, European Certificated Stainless Steel AISI 304 Cooling Unit Supplies Automatic Cooling Down Filtration by Front Located Stainless Steel Filter Specially Designed Aluminium Fan Special Design Serpantine Heaters, 600 kg / pes Hydraulically Controlled Tilting & Pneumatically Controlled Door Opening Controlling Unit with PLC & LCD Touch Screen Panel Omron or LG Brand PLC, Touch Screen Power Transmission With Special Design Belt System Power Supply is 380 Volt – 3 Phase – 50 Hertz


Optional Features

European Certificated AISI 316 L Stainless Steel
Rotating Door
Silicon Softening Injection System
Humidity Controlling Unit
Natural Gas Heating
Auto Cooling For Electrical Box By Air Conditioner