Gemini Cut collecting System

The sportswear articles and cloths in generally, are usually made of many different fabrics. One of the biggest challenges in cutting multiple orders mixed together in the same marker, with the purpose of reducing the fabric consumption, is to collect the articles back together as making part of the right order. GeminiCAD commits itself to covering the entire manufacturing process. This must include also collect & storage of cut parts at the end of process. Gemini Cut Collect fits perfectly in this position, providing a full pickby-light drop-by-light system, with configurable scenarios and rules to fit later stages in manufacturing flow.

Textile Digital Printing

Textile Digital Printing is made in at least three major ways: Raw Fabric Printing (producing quantities of fabric with repetitive motifs), Shaped Textile Printing (producing parts of garment printed and cut) and Direct-to-Garment Printing (adding various digital decoration to a ready-made-garment).

Shaped Textile Printing is widely used for producing parts needed in fashion customized sportswear, advertising, home decoration and it is a sector where the level of automatization is incredibly low. The waste of materials and labor is huge. The most common classical workflow implies the use of two separate environments: CAD (an apparel specialized CAD) and Graphics (illustrator or Corel etc.) which merge usually by manually placing white cloth parts on a printed transfer paper.